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4-Day intensives for a powerful reset, mind & body training, & ceremony for your heart & spirit.

in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands with Asa Rowan Tyne


4-Day intensives for a powerful reset, mind & body training, & ceremony for your heart & spirit.

in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands with Asa Rowan Tyne

Come to the Virgin Islands for a week-long reset.

Rest Well

Allow yourself to indulge in deep and rejuvenating rest, revitalizing your mind and body for a renewed sense of energy.

Eat Healthy

Nourish your body with a selection of wholesome and nutritious meals, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

Move & Train

Engage in physical activities and tailored training sessions to invigorate your body, fostering strength and wellness.

Swim in the Caribbean

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of the ocean’s waters for deep healing of body and mind.

Reflect & Clarify

Slow down, and create space for introspection and contemplation, quieting everything around you to allow clarity and insight in.

Reconnect with Yourself

Unplug from external distractions and take the time to rediscover and strengthen the connection with your inner self.


This is an opportunity for…

• Deep transformation

•  Deep reflection and time to heal

• To slow down and allow clarity to come in

• To unplug from fast paced life and burnout

• Reconnection to your natural cycles

• Training in person with Asa every day

• Learning different practices in person to incorporate in your daily life

About Your Facilitator

Asa Rowan Tyne is the Founder of Oakenstrong Holistic Health and Creative Director of Wayfinders Media, based in the US Virgin Islands.

With 8+ years of personal study in Holistic Health, 4+ years as a Rite of Passage Guide, partnering with international teachers and experts, and world travels across 6 continents – Asa brings a unique width and depth of knowledge and life experience into his coaching and facilitation.

Through personal trial and error and studies with mentors, he has developed and continues to refine a uniquely balanced methodology for holistic health and lifestyle. This approach; the Oakenstrong Framework is designed to meet individuals where they are at, facilitating lasting transformation, deep healing, and experience vitality, passion, and fulfillment in their lives.



Oakenstrong Private Retreat

Retreat Intensives for an in-person reset, mind body training, & ceremony, in the St Thomas, Virgin Islands.

The content of every retreat is custom.
However, here’s an idea of the general structure:

Week Overview:

– Full Arrival Day to Settle In
– Day 1: Enter (+ Opening Ceremony)
– Day 2: Extract
– Day 3: Empower
– Day 4: Emerge (+ Closing Ceremony)
– Integration Days

Daily Schedules:

6:00-7:00am: Morning Practices
8:00-10:00am Deep Dive
10:30-11:30am Training
12:30-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-3:00pm Siesta
3:00-6:00pm Evening Activity
6:30-7:30pm Dinner
8:00-10:00 Chill-Time

This experience is made unique by…

• Based around the Oakenstrong Framework and Assessment, working with the Medicine Wheel, the 4 Elements, and addressing the 7-Domains of your life & wellness.
• An assessment that determines your placement, highlighting strengths and balanced domains, as well as imbalances, compensations and deficiencies.
• Curated 4 day immersion that brings rejuvenation and balance, a transformative reset, and newfound vitality.

Not to mention:
• Tropical Destination Location
• Time swimming and surfing in the ocean, and hiking, and resting in the sun & on beaches.



Asa’s holistic approach to life, encompassing work, health, and relationships, serves as a beacon for a healthy masculine model. The environment he creates fosters growth and success for everyone. Asa possesses the ability to recognize the true potential in others and offers concrete advice for achieving their goals.


Coupled with a growth mindset, openness and tenacity, Asa provides powerful guidance and reflection for others to achieve their best. From physical to emotional fitness I’ve experienced tremendous growth under Asa’s direction. I highly recommend working with Asa to holistically improve your life.


Asa is a grounded, heart based, and embodied leader. My experience with Asa as a guide in my rite of passage was both nourishing and challenging.

Asa is both deep and wide with his insight and love. You will be tenderly held while also fiercely stood for by working with Rowan.


Asa has been an extremely high quality support not only in my professional life but also my own personal development. You won’t regret working with him.

Asa puts his heart & soul into absolutely everything he does and is an excellent support & resource who will give you the boost you need to excel.


It’s time to reconnect to your Core.
The Core of who you are.

These retreats are highly limited.

Please fill out application form for availability & dates.