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Transform your body, release chronic stress, increase energy levels, and develop lasting vitality.

6 Month Holistic Health Journey with Asa Rowan Tyne


Transform your body, release chronic stress, increase energy levels, and develop lasting vitality.

6 Month Holistic Health Journey with Asa Rowan Tyne

Are you ready to…

• Prioritize your Primary Asset – knowing that your health is the cornerstone to enhance every area of your life.

• Cultivate Peak Energy & Vitality – investing in a holistic framework to boost your life force and energy levels, and expand your capacity.

• See Your Transformed Self in the Mirror – bringing your confidence and self-respect to new heights by training your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

• Design a Life Rooted in your Core Values – shifting into a new paradigm of living, where your life is built around what matters most to you and lights you up.

You’re doing great, and one or more of these health indicators might be a sign that there’s an imbalance in your system:

Mental: fogginess, lack of clarity, distracted focus, negative thoughts, overthinking, or judging others

Physical: lack of confidence in body, inconsistency in training, weakness in body, injury from improper/unsustainable training methods

Emotional: frequent stress responses, codependence, deep rollercoasters into sadness/anger, or avoiding relationships, numbness, and addictive coping mechanisms

Spiritual: disconnection, lack of motivation, feeling uninspired, experiencing/approaching burn-out, escapism through spiritual pursuits/altered states

    Most frameworks for health are one-sided.

    They develop 1 area of health, ignoring the others. There may be progress in the beginning.  but these methods are very limited. This is why people swing back and forth between health trends and extremes, searching for some sense of balance… homeostasis… equilibrium.

    A “one-size fits all” approach to health, diet, and lifestyle doesn’t work. Can you learn something from trying all these things? Sure. But will it bring you the balance… homeostasis… equilibrium… that you’re looking for? No.

    Because this equilibrium is within you. It comes from integrating all aspects of your being: your mind, body, heart, and spirit. With Oakenstrong, the primary aim is to help you find equilibrium and wholeness in you – building on your strengths and efficiencies – while addressing deficiencies and imbalances that can lead to disease, pain, stress, and undesired symptoms.

    About Your Trainer

    Asa Rowan Tyne is the Founder of Oakenstrong Holistic Health and Creative Director of Wayfinders Media, based in the US Virgin Islands.

    With 8+ years of personal study in Holistic Health, 4+ years as a Rite of Passage Guide, partnering with international teachers and experts, and world travels across 6 continents – Asa brings a unique width and depth of knowledge and life experience into his coaching and facilitation.

    Through personal trial and error and studies with mentors, he has developed and continues to refine a uniquely balanced methodology for holistic health and lifestyle. This approach; the Oakenstrong Framework is designed to meet individuals where they are at, facilitating lasting transformation, deep healing, and experience vitality, passion, and fulfillment in their lives.




    6-month journey to train your body, mind, heart, and spirit with holistic methods, to release stress and build capacity and vitality to live life on your terms.

    Oakenstrong contains:

    [1]  Strong Framework, with practices, exercises, and training

    [2]  Space for the Mystery, with inquiry and listening to what arises in a moment

    [3]  Unique assessment of the body, mind, heart, and spirit

    [4]  Custom program & journey curated around your assessment & progress

    Here’s what you’ll receive:

    • x1 Oakenstrong Assessment
    • 6 Month Journey built around Assessment
    • Custom Plan for Accountability
    • x11-23 Private Sessions (Weekly or Biweekly Plan Available)
    • Text & Voice Memo Chat with Asa (5 days/week)

    • [optional] 4-Day Retreat In Person

    Based on your assessment, we’ll incorporate a variation of different modalities and practices…

    Including: Strength Training to build Vitality, Movement Practices for Mobility & Longevity, Neuroplasticity for Habit Refinement, Qigong & Other Life Force Cultivation Methods, Meditation & Visualization, Subconscious Mind Hypnosis, Closing Unfinished Emotional Loops, Somatic Awareness, Socratic Method & Inquiry, Eastern & Western Philosophical Lenses, Mindfulness & Centering, Nature Connection, Recommended Reading, and more…



    Asa’s holistic approach to life, encompassing work, health, and relationships, serves as a beacon for a healthy masculine model. The environment he creates fosters growth and success for everyone. Asa possesses the ability to recognize the true potential in others and offers concrete advice for achieving their goals.


    Coupled with a growth mindset, openness and tenacity, Asa provides powerful guidance and reflection for others to achieve their best. From physical to emotional fitness I’ve experienced tremendous growth under Asa’s direction. I highly recommend working with Asa to holistically improve your life.


    Asa is a grounded, heart based, and embodied leader. My experience with Asa as a guide in my rite of passage was both nourishing and challenging.

    Asa is both deep and wide with his insight and love. You will be tenderly held while also fiercely stood for by working with Rowan.


    Asa has been an extremely high quality support not only in my professional life but also my own personal development. You won’t regret working with him.

    Asa puts his heart & soul into absolutely everything he does and is an excellent support & resource who will give you the boost you need to excel.


    This framework is based in wholeness.
    Becoming who you are.
    From heaven to earth.
    From branches to roots.


    Fill out your application for Oakenstrong.

    We’ll get back to you to schedule an initial call soon.