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My Story.

My Story.

My name is Asa (pronounced AESA), and I have lived many years of my life in both some of the worse mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health – and in recent years, some of the best.

From a long period of suicidal thoughts and deep holes of depression, to extreme anxiety, trauma responses, and escapism through food, drugs, and relationships….

From body insecurity, lack of discipline, to struggles in relationships, and times of living completely lost and off-track with the life I desired…

Truth is, I was born with an extremely sensitive system, which meant my different systems (mind, body, heart, soul) were all going to react intensely when experiencing imbalance.

Some people have that from day one – for others, it turns on during a transition later in life…

It doesn’t really matter how it happens, because either way, it feels like our biggest curse and limitation – but is really our greatest gift, we just don’t know how to use it yet.

For me, this sensitivity is a gift, because it’s actually just Life Force, and can be channeled into incredible power. But it can feel like a curse, because it means when something is off – it feels extremely off.

Over 8 years ago I decided to create a life fully on my terms. I’ve had to face off with the deepest parts of myself, but it would have been far more painful to live a life out of alignment with who I am; with my nature; with my health.

This decision put me on a path of deep work on myself. But I knew investing in myself, in all parts of my life, would make me the best I could be in all the roles I knew mattered to me (in work, partnership, family, and community).

Through this path of self mastery and building this foundation for my life, I’ve been shaped by many experiences.

Here are a few of them:

• Traveling across 6 continents, and over 20 countries, learning from different cultures, mentors, people and ways of life.

• Building and running my own business successfully for 5+ years, which has allowed me to fully live a life of my design.

• Becoming a Men’s Wilderness Rite of Passage Guide for 4+ years, with the Rising Man Movement.

• Studying the art of learning with a beginner’s mind (yoga, qi gong, strength training, spanish, surfing, martial arts, etc…)

• Becoming an experienced artist and creative with filmmaking & photography, which led to my first business.

• Studying from and working side by side with renowned leaders in dozens of personal transformational work modalities.

• Taking time to be the best big brother I can be for all my younger siblings.

• Living in the Virgin Islands with my partner and her sons

• Walking a very humbling path of Sacred Relationship as a path of healing and becoming more whole.

In this time, I’ve created an environment for the potential within me to crack open under the soil, and grow strong…

with roots of connection, safety, steadiness, nourishment, connection to my ancestors, grounded and supported by Earth and Water.

And with branches of freedom, self actualization and expression, creativity, and leadership. With space to dream and realize those dreams, inspired and fueled by the Sun and Sky.

The seed to share this with others was planted a long time ago.

I wanted to create Oakenstrong years ago, but I wasn’t ready.

I had more to learn. And although I will always be a student to this path, there is a season for everything.

And this is a season to share this with you.

How you can work with me:


6 month journey to train & transform your body, mind, heart & spirit with holistic methods, release stress, and build capacity & vitality.


Single sessions & quarterly membership to design your life strategically, with new clarity to live life fully on your own terms.


Private week-long retreat intensives for an in-person reset, mind body training, & ceremony, in the St Thomas, Virgin Islands.



I’m super happy and grateful for everything I’ve learned from Asa that’s helped me make around $6000/mo while traveling to 4-5 countries.

I recommend working with him if you’re struggling right now and want a change.


Working with Asa was a great experience as he was able to see me fully, hold space powerfully, and guide me in discovering answers for myself.

His questions and reflections feel like they truly come from a place of deep care and curiosity for others.


Asa has been a key leader on my journey.

His leadership guided me to overcome my own obstacles and become a better person in all aspects, with a particular focus on mind and body wellness.


Asa was an incredible ally throughout my entire journey, with his warmth, care and deep listening.

Thank you for being a huge part of an experience that continues to move me in the direction of being the best version of myself.


Asa has developed himself to be a man on purpose, pursuing success in many areas of life and helping others do the same. The most impactful process for me was creating a vision for the future I wish to create, that has set me on my path with new focus. If you are looking to level-up who you are, Asa will take you there.


Asa has been an extremely high quality support not only in my professional life but also my own personal development. You won’t regret working with him. Asa puts his heart & soul into absolutely everything he does and is an excellent support & resource who will give you the boost you need to excel.


Asa’s holistic approach to life, encompassing work, health, and relationships, serves as a beacon for a healthy masculine model. The environment he creates fosters growth and success for everyone involved. Asa possesses the ability to recognize the true potential in others and offers concrete advice for achieving their goals.


Asa is a true force of inspiration, dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. He goes beyond being a mentor, and is a constant source of motivation, urging individuals to pursue their passions and transform dreams into reality.


Coupled with a growth mindset, openness and tenacity, Asa provides powerful guidance and reflection for others to achieve their best. From physical to emotional fitness I’ve experienced tremendous growth under Asa’s direction. I highly recommend working with Asa to holistically improve your life.


Asa Rowan Tyne is the Founder of Oakenstrong Holistic Health and Creative Director of Wayfinders Media, based in the US Virgin Islands.

With 8+ years of personal study in Holistic Health, 4+ years as a Rite of Passage Guide, partnering with international teachers and experts, and world travels across 6 continents – Asa brings a unique width and depth of knowledge and life experience into his coaching and facilitation.